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MYTRAK Smart Coach is a device that tracks the intensity, frequency, and duration of your physical activity.  Just tell MYTRAK what your weight loss or lifestyle goal is, and MYTRAK calculates how much activity you need every day to meet that goal.  Then, all you do is clip MYTRAK at your hip and live your life.  At the end of every day, if your circle is green, you know you’ve burned enough calories to meet your daily weight loss goal.  It’s as easy and effective as that.The MYTRAK Manager software that comes with your MYTRAK Smart Coach  tracks your progress over time, shows you how you are doing through easy-to-read charts and graphs, and allows you to adjust your goals as your needs and wants change.With your MYTRAK device, you will enjoy access to real-time coaching, fitness and weight loss support from MYTRAK Certified Health Coaches.  With a Premium membership, you will also belong to MYTRAK’s Online Health Community, which has a wealth of information on fitness, nutrition, and weight loss; interaction with other MYTRAK users; and professional advice to help you reach your weight loss, fitness, and lifestyle goals.
MYTRAK has two modes to help you understand how you are doing in meeting your activity and weight loss goal for every day.
Press the Health Circle button once and MYTRAK
shows you how many calories you have already
burned (in green) vs. how many calories you have left
to burn (in red).  Once your circle turns all green,
you have met your goal for the day!
Press the Health Circle button twice and MYTRAK
shows you how you are doing in each of three
key fitness areas: Heart, Energy, and Health.
When all three of these areas are green,
you are doing great!
The MYTRAK Manager software provides
helpful charts, graphs, and other information
that shows you how you are progressing over time
and how to adjust your goals accordingly.
This sample chart from MYTRAK Manager
shows how your actual activity level, as measured
by MYTRAK, compares to your goal activity
level over time.
 This sample graph from MYTRAK Manager
shows your actual energy level, as measured by MYTRAK,
compared to your goal energy level.
With a Premium Membership, you have access to the
MYTRAK Online Community (the home page
is shown here).  You can interact with other MYTRAK users,
view nutrition information, review workout plans, and
seek advice from fitness and nutrition professionals.
MYTRAK determines your heart health without a heart rate belt, by measuring the intensity of your activity. When using an optional heart rate belt, MYTRAK displays whether your current heart rate is within the suggested range, in real time. Online, your My Heart results are plotted over time and training zone. View your ideal range within one easy glance.My Health displays a projection of your health based on the level of physical activity compared to your goal. The more active you become – the more your health improves… further encouraging you to go for green. Online, your My Health information is plotted on a graph along with your overall goal. My Energy refers to your energy or caloric burn. Whether it is quick successions of high intensity exercise or long sessions of low intensity exercise such as walking or just being active, your daily energy burn is expected to reach a specific target based on your personal goals. As you progress towards your goal, the light changes from Red to Yellow to Green.Online, your My Energy results are plotted over time, indicating what days, activities, and routines give you the best results. A pie chart shows you how much intensity you are achieving from your workout or lifestyle.

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